Builder gel is used when you want to create length, thickness or add strength to the nail.

You can apply builder gel to either natural nails for a non-chip overlay, or use it with nail tips to create extensions or enhancements. It’s much stronger than regular gel polish base coats, and the formula is a much thicker consistency to a normal base coat. They have high self-levelling properties which ensure a smooth foundation layer.

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So question, how to use builder gel in bottle?

For Tenteu brand of builder gel, it is necessary to use base coat first, to help builder gel last longer time.

If you are applying builder gel to the natural nail only, it can be applied and built up to the desired thickness and shape in a number of coats, curing between each layer. If you are extending the nail, simply apply your nail tip or form before applying the gel and creating the length.

Generally, the steps you would take to apply a builder gel would be something like this:

Prepare the nail – clean, file and buff the nails. Push back and trim the cuticle. Wipe the nail with a lint-free pad using nail cleanser or acetone.

Apply base coat or primer –Cure under your nail lamp if needed. If you don’t need a primer, you can skip this step and save some time.

Apply the builder gel – if you are using a bottled builder gel, you can paint it on. If you have a pot of gel, you will need to use your own nail brush to pick up a small amount. Stay away from the cuticle and be sure to cover the free edge. Builder gel tends to ‘self-level’, so allow it to settle for a few seconds to make sure it is applied evenly.

Cure under LED/UV lamp – your chosen builder gel should state what type of lamp it needs to be used with and how long to cure it for.

Apply a second coat – if needed, apply your second coat and cure again.

Clean the nail – use a lint-free wipe and isopropyl alcohol to remove any tackiness.

File the nail – perfect your client’s desired shape and even out any areas that might be too thick.

Apply colour or top coat – wipe the nail clean again, and apply your top coat. If your client wants a different colour, paint on your gel polish and cure again first.

Finishing touches – once all your gel is applied and properly cured, your manicure is complete! Add a touch of cuticle oil and let your client know of any aftercare advice before they leave.

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