About Us

About our company

Shizhiyu (Guangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou, China. It has two gel nail polish production plants and has the most advanced manufacturing equipment. The company has reached the goal of intelligent production and high-speed production capacity in 2020. After rapid development, our brand SUSANSAY has more than 1,200 salons in China, and its products are sold to more than 100 countries around the world. It has created its own brands for 1,200+ customers, including 40+ international first-line brands. Cooperate with 3500+ customers with different backgrounds and purchasing volumes around the world. And has its own core brand TENTEU. Our products are loved by global buyers. Our company is committed to spreading good products to the world so that all industry practitioners can use high-quality products. We create their own brands for customers. Support OEM, ODM, and provide customers with one-stop procurement, including a series of professional services such as product development, design, packaging, production, etc. We hope to have more long-term partners, and welcome you to join us.



Choosing a good partner is very important. We have a wealth of experience. No matter where you start your business, we can provide you with professional advice.


Intelligent manufacturing, standard production

We use intelligent machines instead of manual production to reduce the possibility of production errors. Standardized production processes ensure safe production and quality assurance in every link


Strong R&D team and design team

Launch the latest products on the market every month to ensure your business’s market competitiveness. Any idea you want to create a brand can be realized by our design team.


High-quality service and product support

We appoint an account manager for each customer to provide you with proprietary services. Any customer needs can be dealt with in the first time. When you need any product to test the market, we can customize products and services for you.


We provide one-stop shopping for nail art products. Regarding any nail art products, we can provide you with. Come!