To make nail extensions and nail art, there are there are so many options to choose from in nowadays, such as acrylic powder, builder gel in jar, builder gel in bottle, acrylgel/ poly gel etc.

At the first time, people usually use acrylic powder, now they prefer to use more easy using products, which even allow them to make it at home by themselves.

Therefore, online selling for those nail products via amazon, ebay, shopify and Internet celebrity selling through instagram, facebook is getting more popular to the end user.

Tenteu as one of the professional nail supplies in China, we aim to help our clients to create your own gel polish brand.

If goes to the most popular products, it must be builder gel in a bottle, because we can offer different colors and effect.

Want to know the benefits of gel manicures? Or whether gel or acrylic is better for your clients?

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