What is the minimum amount of polygel I must purchase??

100 tubes of polygel

Am I able to get samples to test out the polygel?

Yes, there will be an attachment in the email you received from us. in which there are pages called “Sample Order Form”, “Sample Policy”, and “Credit Card Authorization Form”. Please read over the sample policy, fill out the order form and credit card authorization form when ready, and either email it back to the email address it came from.

How long does it take to receive my finished product?

On first-time orders, production time is 2-4 weeks from the time your full payment is received, the virtual sample approved, and your sales order is approved.

Am I able to create my own polygel?

Yes, however, this requires a minimum purchase of 1 Gallon of poly gel per color. One gallon of polish will fill approximately 35 30ml tubes of poly gel or about 64 15ml tubes. The cost per gallon can range anywhere between $30-$50.

Will my logo be directly printed on the cosmetic case or will it be a label?

If you wish to private label your poly gel, we do offer label packages, however, pricing on this is quoted separately as it largely depends on which tubes and how many tubes you are getting.