New Nail Art Machine

Elevate Your Nail Art with Our Professional UV/LED Lamps

Unlock the secret to flawless manicures with our state-of-the-art UV/LED nail lamp series. Whether you’re in need of the quick-drying capabilities of our 120W option or the ultra-fast curing power of the 180W model, our lamps cater to every manicure enthusiast’s needs. Featuring smart sensing technology, operation has never been easier—automatic on/off functionality frees your hands and streamlines your nail art process.


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Why You Choose

Vacuuming and polishing two-in-one sander

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Combines dust collection and polishing into one, achieving a dual-function design for convenience and efficiency.

Efficient Cleaning

Equipped with a powerful built-in dust collection system, effectively removing dust generated during polishing to maintain a clean working environment.

Precision Polishing

Provides precise polishing results, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

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