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    Our Happy Clients

    It takes a couple of nails to get the hang of it. Super easy application, only downside is some of the dual forms were broken at the top. Super sticky, make sure you have 70% isopropanol alcohol to use as your slip solution as they do not include any. It takes 90 seconds to cure the top side and roughly 70 for the underside otherwise any less and they remain sticky. Overall very happy with the product it will take a few more applications till it’s mastered! 😉 definitely worth the $

    Christina D., NY

    Christina D., NY

    March 2017

    I was very skeptical when ordering this, but with my burning hatred for going to nail salons growing and my want for acrylics also growing, I figured I would give this a try. I’m so surprised it worked! Why haven’t I heard of this before?? It’s definitely something you’ll get better at with time, but this was my first ever try and I think they turned out pretty well. Make sure to get a UV light with a high voltage or else you’ll be waiting for them to cure forever. I love how the kit came with just about everything other then slip solution and the light, still a good price for what you get! I’m very impressed and would recommend to anyone who has patience and a little creative side.

    Emma M., NY

    Emma M., NY

    February 2017

    I was very skeptical. I am looking for a way to save money while still getting a nice manicure. This was my very first time using it. I used alcohol for my solution, one thing I learned from using the first time is to make sure to smooth the bottoms and excess around the outside with the brush to ensure the nail comes out clean. LOVE THIS. Definitely won’t take me as long next time. I bought a mini led lamp to do these and some rhinestones with gel glue. I am obsessed.

    Margo R., NY

    Margo R., NY

    January 2017