Nowadays, due to COVID spreading, many people was in quarantine, not safe to go outside. And the beauty business like nail salon, nail bar, some of them, business are closed. But for the ladies, who love to be pretty at home as well. So the poly gel nail kit is in high demands, It is the most suitable for people doing nail extension at home. It is for fast nail extensions. Hard-wearing, not easy to break. Very easy to apply.

But how to find a quality nail supplier, and making your own gel polish brand?

Now let’s see what we can offer to help.

We, Tenteu Nail are a professional nail gel factory, who wholesale nail products over 105 countries all over the world, and we are professional to assist to create your own gel polish brand.

We now supply Poly Gel Nail Kit, which include:

3 tubes 30grams poly gel

1 box nail tip(100pcs).

1 30grams slip solution

1 Brush and pusher pen

1 nail file and 1 mini drying lamp

This poly gel nail kit includes everything you’ll need as the basics to do your poly gel nail business! All you’ll need now is to prepare your logo and you’re ready to go!

While you retail, Here are application tips for your customers also.

How to apply poly gel at home?

  1. Use the nail file to trim your nails. File and clean the nail surface and edge.
  2. Apply a very thin base coat and cure under the UV/LED lamp for 60s.
  3. Select suitable nail tips. Use the pusher pick the right amount of poly gel and put it on the tips.
  4. Wet the brush in slip solution
  5. Shape the poly gel on the tip to the preferred length
  6. Apply the nail tips onto the whole nail. Cure under UV/LED lamp for 120s/60s
  7. Remove the nail tips. File and shape the nail extension
  8. Apply top coat and cure under the UV lamp 120s/ 60s. Nail DONE.

Learn More of Nail products, do not hesitate to contact us”Tenteu Nail”-Professional nail polish manufacturer.