With the vigorous development of the service industry, the selection of nail polish services has exploded in the recent decade. Gel nail polish is a novel alternative to acrylics and traditional nail polishes. So what’s the difference between regular nail polish and gel polish?

The main difference between gel polish vs regular nail polish is that gel polish needs to be cured under a UV or LED lamp, while regular nail polish is dried naturally. Gel polishes cannot dry naturally.

Here we’ll dive deeper their differences:

Regular Nail Polish

has been a cultural staple for as long as people have wanted to color their nails.

You just need to apply a thin coat of colored lacquer over your natural nail and it may last a few days before it chips with the option to add a base coat or top coat. Chipped nail polish suggests you need a new hue.

Simply put, applying regular nail polish is easy and fast. If mistakes made during the nail painting process can be quickly fixed by dabbing acetone and reapplying the nail polish.

Unfortunately, ease of use and availability doesn’t mean regular nail polish is without its drawbacks.

In traditional nail lacquers, a long list of complicated chemicals finds its way into a bottle. From the base to the colorants to the various ingredients that allow this classic shine, nail polish has a complicated recipe.

Moreover, regular nail lacquers take impressively long to dry. After you apply your nail polish, you have to let it dry for at least half an hour.

Even if you can wait long enough for your nails to dry perfectly, your new polish can chip within days.

Gel nail polish

has only been on the market since 2010. Still the gel manicure has quickly become a salon staple. For those who are hesitant to try gel polishes, these are their benefits:


Gel polish is thicker than ordinary nail polish. The primary feature distinguishing it from a classic manicure is that gel nail polish doesn’t dry naturally. Gel polishes need to be cured under a UV or LED lamp in order for the gel polish to dry.


With a quick-drying, durable formula, gel painted nails hardly chip. Your gel manicure is resistant to chipping or smudging, and the gel color will stay as bright and shiny as it was on day one.


While gel polish is generally said to last at least two weeks, your gel manicure may last as long as one month — or as long as you want to keep it. The only long-term side effect of wearing gel nails for a while is that your nail will eventually grow out.

Removing gel nails is a slightly longer and more complicated process than removing regular lacquer, but the ability to get a manicure done once is worth the time it takes to remove.

After reading these, which one will be your priority choice while you are looking for making a new manicure?

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