Natural acrylic nail powder can be also used as cover acrylic powder.

A lot technician is used to use clear acrylic powder first as core powder, for nail extension or makes nails more strong to resist damage.

Cover powder is specifically created to avoid marbling and to self-level and blend well.

People sometimes refer to cover acrylic powder as “nude acrylics” — since it can sometimes look as if your nails have no (or very little) color on them.

Cover acrylics are typically used for French manicures, for ombre styles, and to extend the natural nail bed. It’s a beautiful overlay that blends seamlessly.

Tenteu is offering LOW-ODOR & NON-TOXIC formular with a natural, non-toxic formula.

It is easily applied, and compatible with any brands of monomer, no marbling, self- leveling,

There are 100 different colors available, including over 12 natural skin colors (babay pink, rose pink, rose purple, rose nude, baby nude, milky white, french white etc), translucent colors and pigmented colors.

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